Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull


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Base Price – up to 2 hours of fun (staff member Included)  $799.99
3 Hour Rental (Staff member Included)  $899.99 
4 Hour Rental (Staff member Included) $999.99
5 Hour Rental (Staff member Included) $1,099.99

Setup Area: 24ft x 24ft x 10ft

Actual Size: 16ft x 16ft x 10ft

Monitors: 2

Outlets: 2

DescriptionBig Bounce Party Rentals specializes in mechanical bulls for corporate and private events. A mechanical bull rental is a great addition to any event. The mechanical bull provides a unique experience to event goers by allowing participates as either a rider or a spectator. It encourages adventure and overcoming fear with fun and team spirit.

About our mechanical bull

Our mechanical bulls are one of the safest mechanical bulls in the industry. Our mechanical bull is a FULL SIZE MECHANICAL BULL, while the trend with most mechanical bull rental companies is to go with a smaller machine that has a round inflatable ring. We like our riders to be able to have a great experience on a quality machine. Our mechanical bull has body roll and more front-end drop, to make it feel more like the real thing. The operator at our control box regulates our bull's Buck-and-Spin speed, as well as spin direction. The mechanical bull has the capabilities of starting rides very slowly, and can be advanced to speeds according to a rider's about to be thrown. Our goal is to have the rider have fun and be excited to ride again. If a rider is nervous we can start out slow and the rider does not have to be thrown off. For the more adventurous we can increase the thrill of the ride.

Our clients use mechanical bull rental for Churches, Corporate Events, Political Fundraising Events, Team Building, Trade Shows, Air Shows, Company Picnics, Private Parties, Military Family Days, College Campus Events, Music Videos, Photo Shoots, Movies, TV Shows, and anything you can imagine.


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